Clarkson College Reflects on Loss of Bruce R. Lauritzen, A Servant Leader

Omaha, Nebraska, February 21, 2024: Mr. Lauritzen was born June 21, 1943, the son of John and Elizabeth (“Libby”) Lauritzen. His mother was a well-known local philanthropist and instilled a lifetime of service in her children. She was the great-granddaughter of Bishop Robert H. Clarkson who along with his wife, Meliora, founded what is now known as Clarkson College in Omaha over 135 years ago. The impact of Mr. Lauritzen’s own servant leadership was evident through a variety of philanthropic programming to support healthcare in Nebraska, not only in the advocacy felt for Clarkson College, Clarkson Hospital and now Nebraska Medicine, but also the College and University Boards for which he served, and organizations he led; most prominently, First National Bank of Omaha and Clarkson Regional Health Services. 

“I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Lauritzen multiple times and enjoyed his visits to campus,” stated Clarkson College President and CEO, Dr. Andreia Nebel. “He was an amazing listener, a wonderful historian, and cared deeply about the work being done to educate healthcare professionals. When he spoke to our college community, his family’s legacy of commitment to service was understood and continues here every day. His wisdom and care for others will be greatly missed.” 

The Clarkson College family extends our deepest condolences to all who have been touched by Mr. Lauritzen’s kind and generous spirit.