Why a Dissertation is Important When Earning Your Terminal Degree

At Clarkson College, the applied research dissertation is a hallmark of the online Doctor of Healthcare Education and Leadership (Ed.D.) program. The dissertation process is an opportunity for the doctoral student to conduct original, applied research of their choice. We encourage our students to pursue a dissertation topic they are passionate about and one that excites them as they consider the difference their research could make by improving a situation or solving a problem. Dissertation topics are often related to the student’s professional experiences, roles, and/or interests in areas such as leadership, health care, health care education, higher education and organizational behavior.

The dissertation process is embedded in your Ed.D. courses and spans the 51-credit hour curriculum. The program format provides structure, accountability, and built-in faculty guidance and support during each phase of the dissertation. Both the department and the College provide an array of services to support doctoral student success. The Clarkson College Writing Lab, for instance, is an excellent resource for scholarly writing and APA Style guidelines, both of which are central to the dissertation.

The Ed.D. faculty and I are proud of the dissertation requirement and the priceless benefits it provides our student scholars during their doctoral journey and long after they graduate with the title of “Doctor.”

Upon completion of the Ed.D., our students are equipped with a unique, meaningful and quality contribution to the literature and their profession through the dissertation. We empower them to utilize their dissertation as a launching pad for future research, publications, presentations and professional involvement. In this way, the dissertation is just the beginning.

Although the dissertation process is rigorous and challenging, it is also rewarding and worthwhile. Regardless of one’s profession as an educator, practitioner, researcher or administrator, the dissertation is a lifelong source of personal pride, achievement, scholarship and professional advancement. My hope is for every Ed.D. student to embrace, enjoy and cherish their doctoral journey at Clarkson College, especially the dissertation process. It is my honor and pleasure to work with the faculty and students affiliated with this premier online health care education and leadership degree program.

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