KETV Highlights 3D Printing and Training Center at Clarkson College

On Sunday. July 17, KETV news spoke with Blair Kauzlarich, BS, ARRT, (R), CI, 3D Printing and Training Center Coordinator, about the brand new technology available at the College. 

Kauzlarich spoke about her experience with her son's brain tumor where they utilized 3D scans and prints of his brain to determine his plan of care. The technology helped her and her husband understand what was happening with their son. 

"Sometimes patients don't understand medical imaging. You look at a black and white image, you scroll through, you look at it in all different views, you might not understand what you're looking at," Kauzlarich said. 

The new facility aims to make the language of health care accessible to everyone in the community. "3D Printing has really become the language of healthcare," she said. 

Watch the full story and learn more about the 3D Printing and Training Center at Clarkson College