Pharmacy and Community Health Care: Combining Her Passions

Alyson Diamond (’20) found a way to combine her passion for pharmaceutical and community health care, and the Clarkson College Bachelor of Science in Community Health degree option helped her get there. 

“I have always been a pharmacy technician,” she says. “But with the role I am in today, the education I received through Clarkson College has given me the opportunity to make an impact in the community.”

Diamond currently works at Nebraska Medicine as a Community Based Pharmacy Operations Manager. One of her primary roles is to help expand pharmacy services to patients with medication access barriers. Both her background as a pharmacy technician and her experiences in the Community Health program allow her to achieve this task.

Diamond had the opportunity to work with organizations such as United Way of the Midlands, Red Cross, Munroe-Meyer Institute and Hope Lodge during her fieldwork and service requirements for the program. These experiences reinforced her dedication to serving others, and she draws on them in her current role.

“The experiences solidified my passion for helping others,” she says. “If I can make it possible for someone to receive a lifesaving medication that they would otherwise not have access to, it is motivation to keep going and promotes innovation and courage within myself to continue to expand services that benefit the community.”

Because the Community Health program curriculum covers topics such as health policy and patient advocacy, environmental and cultural influences on health care, and legal and ethical implications, it can help individuals succeed in a variety of fields. For Diamond, it opened the door to making changes within her community and serving patients.

“As a health care professional, understanding the different aspects of community health has allowed me to spread my knowledge and understanding of the needs in our community to others through every personal and professional interaction,” she says.

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