4 Careers You Can Pursue with a Psychology Degree

A psychology degree can lead to a career in a multitude of fields. The Clarkson College Bachelor of Science in Psychology offers coursework in the natural sciences, psychology and community health to prepare you for your professional goals—whatever they may be. Here are four of the opportunities made possible by a psychology degree. 

  1. Human resources specialist

    Human resources specialists are a crucial part of every organization. They help recruit, screen, interview and hire potential candidates to fill positions within a company. They also assist employees with issues of compensation, training and benefits and many times serve as a go-between between employers and managers.

  2. Caseworker/manager

    Caseworkers are a type of social worker who help individuals with concrete needs such as obtaining safe housing and social welfare benefits. Oftentimes, caseworkers also help coordinate care services for clients, and you will most likely work with agencies such as child protective services, homelessness prevention agencies and medical facilities in order to do so.

  3. Psychosocial rehabilitation specialist

    Psychosocial rehabilitation specialists help individuals with mental or emotional disorders learn to improve their social functionality. These professionals use their psychology degree to help individuals learn to navigate relationships with family, friends and co-workers while working toward living independently in their community. In some states, additional certification may be required to practice as a psychosocial rehabilitation specialist.
  4. Social service specialist

    Social service specialists can work for a variety of organizations including residential care facilities, clinics and senior service agencies. These professionals help people find government and private assistance programs to help with services such as housing, food and basic necessities.

A psychology degree also opens the door for students to pursue graduate education in a variety of fields including psychiatry, mental health care, social work and counseling. Learn more about the Bachelor of Science in Psychology option at Clarkson College.