Strategic Roadmap Guides College in 2022

As Clarkson College starts another calendar year, the institution established a Strategic Roadmap to assist in maintaining and enhancing our position as a leader in health care education.  

The intent of the Clarkson College Strategic Roadmap is to guide the institution’s efforts for a financially stable model supported by mission-consistent and demand-driven programs, expanded student scholarship and training partners, and a strong, brand supported by alumni.  

“Our strategic plan includes a number of initiatives that will position the College to serve the needs of students, alumni, partners and community members,” says Dr. Gary Pack, Interim President. “The initiatives include helping health care professionals in rural Nebraska advance their education and update their credentials without leaving home, as well as enhanced opportunities for prospective students from minority and underserved populations.” 

College leadership along with the Clarkson College Board of Directors, outlined key initiatives and tactics to explore during the upcoming year to help the institution achieve these goals.  

Strategic Drivers  

  1. Expand student scholarship and educational partnership programs.
  2. Develop a financially sustainable model.
  3. Grow mission-consistent, demand-driven quality programs.
  4. Develop a strong brand enabling support from alumni and others. 

Faculty, staff members, alumni and students will continue to play pivotal roles in the success of these strategic drivers as the College moves forward.