Faculty Discusses the First-of-its-Kind Medical 3D Printing Specialist Certificate

Trish Weber, MHA, RT(R)(CT)ARRT, Associate Professor in the Radiography and Medical Imaging program, had the opportunity to speak with Fox 42 KPTM about the Clarkson College Medical 3D Printing Specialist Certificate option - the first of its kind in the nation. 

The new option “is shaping the path of health care - making it easier for patients to understand what’s going on," she said. 

The certificate curriculum trains technologists to generate 3D printed items based on MRI, CT and other types of images. This allows providers and patients to get a more thorough examination of the body. 

“Say it’s a difficult case, and the surgeon requests a 3D print," said Weber. "So, they and their team can look over that print, as well as the images, and practice - practice a game plan.  When a surgical team does that, it decreases surgical time. Just decreasing the time the patient is under anesthesia, usually results in a better outcome for that patient.”

The certificate option consists of four courses, which students can complete online in two to four semesters. Professionals who are interested in the certificate must be registered technologists who have a minimum of six months experience in an advanced modality, such as CT, MR, CI, VI or DMS, or completed an externship in one of these modalities or be a health science professional in an applicable field. Learn more about the Medical 3D Printing Specialist Certificate