Clarkson College Launches "Shaping Health Care” Campaign

In fall 2021, Clarkson College launched a new messaging campaign, “Shaping Health Care”. The enhancement builds on the institution’s stellar reputation in preparing the best health care professionals and highlights their readiness to shape the fields of health care and education amidst a pandemic. 

Prior to the launch, the Strategic Communications team performed research looking at current and future needs of students from higher education institutions, as well as how the College successfully navigated the pandemic while maintaining the integrity of academic offerings and supporting students. Three main themes emerged in their research:

  • Return on investment (ROI): Students are looking for a clear understanding of the returns and long-term benefits they will receive from their education.
  • Flexibility: Students want institutions to meet them where they are and offer flexible, part-time education options with a variety of learning opportunities, and demonstrate the ability to pivot and adapt as needed.
  • Forward-thinking: Students want to stay ahead of the curve, be associated with innovation, and viewed as change-makers in their field.

Shaping Health Care showcases our innovative approach to health care education and commitment to excellence while remaining true to our roots. Our 133 years of experience helps us prepare our students to be their best and illustrates the critical need for Clarkson College graduates in today’s health care field,” says Interim President Dr. Gary Pack.

The campaign signals to students that when they earn an education from Clarkson College, they are positioned to shape the future of health care and impact their communities. Alongside the tagline “prepare to be the best,” the new messaging reinforces College reputation and resonates with potential students, as well as employees, the higher education community, and the region.