Radiography Student Earns CVIT Sponsorship from Nebraska Medicine

Heidi Lierz, a current student in the Radiography and Medical Imaging programs at Clarkson College, earned the Nebraska Medicine Cardiovascular Imaging Technology (CVIT) Sponsorship in 2021, becoming the first Clarkson College student to earn the distinction.

Available through the Nebraska Medicine Cardiac Catheterization Lab, the sponsorship encourages students to explore roles within the cardiovascular imaging field and awards recipients with tuition assistance during their course of study. Following completion of their academic program, the student also earns employment at Nebraska Medicine.

For Lierz, who plans to graduate with her Associate’s degree in Radiography in August 2021 and her Bachelor’s degree in Medical Imaging in December 2021, the scholarship allows her to explore an exciting and challenging field. “Earning this sponsorship means a lot to me,” she says. “It is a great opportunity for me to learn more about the cardiovascular imaging field and get hands-on experience while in school.”

With graduation just a few months away, Lierz is eager to begin work in the lab. “I chose to go into cardiovascular interventional imaging because I have always found the cardiovascular system to be intriguing and loved learning about it,” she says. “I have also had the opportunity to job shadow in a cath lab and got to see a pacemaker implanted. It made me want to learn more about all the different procedures they can perform.”

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