College Launches RN to BSN Nursing Workforce Sponsorship Program

Clarkson College is launching the RN to BSN Nursing Workforce Sponsorship Program to allow Registered Nurses (RN) the opportunity to earn their Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree, with tuition and fees covered, and obtain four-year job placement at Nebraska Medicine during and following completion of the program. 

The institution, in collaboration with their educational partner Nebraska Medicine, enacted the program to help meet the growing need for nurses in the community and provide nursing professionals the opportunity to advance their education and careers“There is a growing trend in the health care field to require all nursing professionals to earn their Bachelor’s degree,” says Valerie Anderson, DNP, MSN-Ed, APRN, FNP-C, Director of Undergraduate Nursing. “The RN to BSN Nursing Workforce Sponsorship Program allows us the opportunity to offer nurses a pathway to advance their careers and ensure that patients continue to receive exceptional and compassionate care.”  

Through the Program, RNs have the opportunity to enroll in the award-winning RN to BSN program option at Clarkson College. The curriculum builds upon their skills and prepares them for the growing demands of the nursing field. Students can complete the program online and enroll in part- or full-time options. Throughout and following completion of the program, graduates earn a four-year job placement with Nebraska Medicine.  

The flexibility of the program option is ideal for working professionals. “I was able to have a course schedule that fit my needs and timeframe,” says Stephanie Weverka, RN, BSN, a 2021 graduate of the RN to BSN program option. “Everything I learned through the Clarkson College RN to BSN program is going to make me a better nurse.”  

Applicants interested in enrollment for the fall 2021 semester must fully complete both the application for admission to the Clarkson College RN to BSN program and Clarkson College RN to BSN Nursing Workforce Sponsorship Program application no later than June 15, 2021.Eligible applicants must currently hold an Associate in Nursing Degree and have an active Registered Nurse license in the state of Nebraska. They must successfully enroll and be accepted into the Clarkson College RN to BSN program option and need to have minimum one (1) year experience in a hospital or health care setting  

The application and further information can be found at