Grand Opening of the Clarkson College Commons and Education Center

Clarkson College celebrated the grand opening of the new Clarkson Commons and Education Center in January with students and faculty using the building at the beginning of the spring 2021 semester. The added space will help the College accommodate the highest new student spring enrollment in its 133-year history.

Located at Douglas and 42nd Streets, the building formerly housed the Clarkson Family Medical practice and recently underwent major renovations, funded in conjunction with Clarkson College partners Nebraska Medicine and Clarkson Regional Health Services (CRHS).

“As a leader in health care education, we recognize the importance of offering our students the latest in technology and support,” said President Dr. James Hauschildt. “This new space will help students reach their full potential and allow us to continue to fulfill our Mission of preparing them to be the best in health care.”

The project was spurred by the growth of the College, which increased the need for additional student study space, classrooms and offices. The additional 14,000 square feet gives Clarkson College students three multipurpose, high-tech classrooms with stadium-like seating for a better learning experience and provides faculty the opportunity to teach in a modern space. The building also offers open study space and four private group study rooms, each equipped with technology allowing students to share and collaborate as they learn.


Undergraduate Nursing student and Student Government Association President Gracie Kliegl notes that the new building will offer students an advanced, interactive learning environment. “As health care professionals, we will be expected to keep up with the vastly changing medical field,” she said. “The new building gives us the opportunity to learn in interactive ways, improve collaboration, and prepare us to enter our fields.”

Faculty members are looking forward to utilizing the space in the upcoming semester as well. “I am excited to teach in a space designed for a large lecture environment that still allows for ease of movement and student interactions,” said Jeri List, Associate Professor of General Education. “With the retractable wall between the two classrooms, elevated seating for students, and the technology needed to teach in-person and online simultaneously, the classrooms will provide endless opportunities for student engagement and learning.”


“Clarkson College is known for its personal, individual, and quality education, which is further enhanced by the new classrooms, study areas and faculty offices in the Clarkson Commons and Education Center that supports the highest level of student success,” said Dr. Jayne Cromer, Director of Nurse Anesthesia.

In addition to faculty offices located on the lower level of the building, the Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE) is housed on the upper level. With 50% of students enrolled in online programs, the CTE is equipped with a faculty training area and state-of-the-art recording room containing a Smartboard that is available to faculty to record online course material in more interactive ways and provide students with the best in online education experiences.