Dr. Hauschildt Discusses Increased Enrollment During COVID-19

In a recent interview with WOWT 6 News, President of Clarkson College Dr. James Hauschildt addressed how COVID-19 has affected enrollment, specifically within the nursing field, at the College. 

“We’ve actually seen increases just under 10 percent this fall,” he said.

He goes on to note that there's a high demand for professionals, “because of the aging population, because of the regulatory and governmental changes in health care delivery and the way that health care is financed. So we’ve incorporated all of that into a curriculum so that we’re really preparing the best professionals.”

Due to the growing demands placed on the health care workforce by the pandemic, hospitals and similar organizations are going to see a continued need for qualified health care professionals across all fields. In many cases, individuals are being inspired to enter the field in order to assist their families and communities who are affected by COVID-19. 

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