Clarkson College Announces Partnership with Vetter Senior Living

Clarkson College is pleased to announce an educational community partnership with Vetter Senior Living, the region's premiere provider of rehabilitation and long-term care services for the aging population. The partnership will offer team members as well as their spouses and dependent children a reduced tuition rate, preferred application status and employee tuition reimbursement.

The two organizations share a long history benefitting Clarkson College students as well as the workforce and patients of Vetter Senior Living. The expanded partnership will build on this relationship and lead to growth for both institutions.

“This educational partnership expansion evolved because of the connectedness of our organizations’ missions and values and our shared dedication to living those values,” says Clarkson College Vice President of Academics Affairs Dr. Andreia Nebel. “Clarkson College and Vetter Senior Living are committed to quality experiences, excellence, teamwork and integrity, and we look forward to this partnership as we continue to serve our students, Vetter Senior Living residents and employees, and the community at large.” 

Through the partnership, all Vetter Senior Living employees, as well as their spouses and dependent children, will receive a 30% reduced tuition rate at Clarkson College. Employees are also eligible for the tuition reimbursement program through Vetter Senior Living to offer even more access to continuing education. All applicants who meet admissions qualifications and are seeking enrollment in online programs will be accepted. Preference will be given to applicants enrolling in on-campus programs through additional points on their application. Participants are also eligible to apply for Clarkson College academic scholarships and Financial Aid, and graduates will have the opportunity to gain salary and advancement potential at Vetter Senior Living.

The partnership leads the way to creating a more highly trained workforce and opportunities for career advancement. “Clarkson College provides most of its educational degree programming through an online platform with part- and full-time options available, which meets the needs of Vetter Senior Living employees,” says Dr. Nebel. “We also both serve a multi-state area, which allows us to offer opportunities to employees across the nation.”   

Vetter Senior Living embodies their mission of Dignity in Life through building meaningful relationships with residents, families and staff. Their goals and vision align closely with the Clarkson College Values and Mission to prepare students to provide high quality, ethical and compassionate health care services. Learn more at