Medical 3D Printing Specialist Certificate Utilizes Materialise Mimics Software

Clarkson College is excited to announce a service agreement with Materialise and the incorporation of Mimics, a Materialise software, into the curriculum for the new Medical 3D Printing Specialist certificate option.

Materialise Mimics is a medical 3D image-based software that efficiently generates 3D models from images and is one of only a few software developers with software approved by the Food and Drug Association (FDA) for use in 3D printing. 

The software will be an integral component of the certificate curriculum that prepares radiologic technologists to understand the 3D printing process and develop skills to apply the process to improving patient care and outcomes. Clarkson College launched the new certificate in 2020 and will welcome its first cohorts of the program option in fall 2020.

Learn more about the Medical 3D Printing Specialist Certificate online or email