Alumni Perspective - A Conversation with Kendra Crogan

Kendra Crogan, B.S., R.T. (R)(MR)(CT (‘17) set a goal to be the best radiologic technologist she could be during her first days in the Clarkson College Radiography program. Following graduation, her roles as an X-Ray, CT and MRI Technologist at Cass County Health System and clinical liaison allowed her to continue to pursue this goal and discover a new passion: education. Now, as a student in the Master’s degree in Health Care Administration option, she is able to explore career options in education and look toward the future.  

While you were enrolled at Clarkson College, did you set any professional goals for yourself? 

While completing my RT/MI degrees, I set the professional goal to become the best radiologic technologist I could be for my future patients. 

What programs, individuals or organizations at the College helped you accomplish these professional goals? 

One program I was involved in that helped me develop interprofessional skills was the Student Ambassador program. I gained knowledge about other professions at the College and got to know individuals in other programs. I also utilized many after-class study sessions provided by our professors.  These study sessions helped me understand the more complex concepts in more difficult courses. I also was fortunate to lead a few of the Supplemental Instructional (SI) courses for the Radiography program. This allowed me to further solidify knowledge over important concepts, as well as help other students do the same. 

Since entering the workforce, have your professional goals changed? 

My original professional goal has never changed, but I have added more professional goals for myself. I am obtaining my Master’s degree in Health Care Administration, so I can enter the education field for RT/MI. I found through my education at Clarkson College and my time spent as a clinical liaison, that my two passions are radiology technology and education. Educating young professionals in this field will bring these two passions together for me. 

What steps are you taking to ensure that you continue to meet your professional goals? 

I am constantly keeping up to date on new topics within the field, as well as staying well versed with the didactic work for the profession. I utilize my role as the clinical liaison to help foster the minds and abilities of the young professionals that I am honored to mentor. 

Looking forward, what are your next professional goals? Where do you see yourself in five, or ten years? 

In five or ten years, I plan to have accepted a professor position within an RT/MI program. Until that position becomes available, I will continue to work toward my current professional goals. Working toward meeting these professional goals will allow me to be bettered prepared for an education position. 

Why do you feel it is important to set professionals goals for yourself? How do they help you become a better health care provider? 

Goal-setting is important because it gives you something to work toward in your professional life.  Without goals, the reasons why we chose to enter the health care profession can sometimes get lost or forgotten. Working toward achieving professional goals keeps health care providers set on achieving their aspirations, which most often makes them a better health care provider for their patients.