Faculty Honored with Excellence in Teaching Awards

The Clarkson College Faculty Senate grants the Excellence in Teaching Faculty Award to two individuals who demonstrate a commitment to students and Clarkson College each spring and fall semester. The organization named Program Coordinator of Nurse Anesthesia Ann Glow, DNP, CRNA, and Director of Health Care Education and Leadership (Ed.D.) Ryan Meers, Ph.D., as the spring 2019 winners during a Faculty Senate meeting held May 23.

The award committee asks students and faculty to nominate instructors who exemplify the College Values of Learning, Excellence, Caring, Commitment and Integrity and demonstrate the ability to:

  • Encourage contact between students and faculty
    • Develop collaboration and cooperation among students
    • Encourage active learning
    • Providepromptfeedback
    • Communicatehighexpectationsand serve as a role model
    • Emphasize timeliness for academic and professional success
    • Respect diverse talents and learning styles

Dr. Ryan Meers became the Director of Ed.D. at Clarkson College in February 2018. In his role, he works with students pursuing their terminal degree and teaches doctoral seminars and courses in leadership and learning theories. Earning the Excellence in Teaching Faculty Award is representative of Dr. Meers' dedication to helping students in his classroom become the best that they can be.

“It is an extreme honor to earn this award,” said Dr. Meers. “I love higher education and being in a leadership position within the college setting, but no matter what position I may have, I always want to stay connected to the classroom. Clarkson College has a strong reputation of caring for students, excellence in education and outstanding instructors. For me to be part of this group is exciting and humbling.”

Dr. Meers received the following comments on his nomination forms:

  • Working in the capacity of an online instructor, Dr. Meers encourages weekly course discussions and never fails to comment on each student's post. He encourages constructive criticism within the group in an effort to help us grow individually and collectively.
  • Dr. Meers has been a source of inspiration for me (and I am sure for many others) since the start of my tenure here at Clarkson College. As a forerunner, he shares his life values and experiences to educate his students. Having gone through the rigors of doing a doctoral degree, he continues to encourage and motivate us toward achieving our future goals/ plans. As a transformational leader, Dr. Meers continues to impart all of his knowledge, optimism and valor in helping us to grow as individuals, professionals and leaders. I know that he genuinely gives his all and receiving this award would mean so much more to us, his team, than to him, as he strives as a role model, mentor and guide.
  • Dr. Meers deserves the Excellence in Teaching Award because he is an excellent professor. He strives for excellence in every single presentation and makes it his point of duty to help us when we are falling behind. That's understanding, empathy, service, inspiration, motivation, stewardship and human!

Dr. Ann Glow joined the College community as a faculty member in fall 2010. She currently teaches courses in Principles of Anesthesia Lab I and II, Professional Aspects of Nurse Anesthesia and Advanced Clinical Anesthesia Implications. Dr. Glow also advises senior students during the completion of their final Capstone projects and continues to practice in the anesthesia field. She is honored to be recognized for her commitment to education.

“I am still getting over the surprise of earning this award,” said Dr. Glow. “So many instructors whom I admire were nominated. As the daughter of a teacher and a farmer, I grew up in a home where education and self-reliance were core values, so I did not take the transition to education as a career lightly.”

Her nominations from students reflect her dedication to preparing them to be the best. “Our students are bright adults who have left behind thriving careers as critical care nurses, and it is my obligation to do all that I can to make them successful in the very challenging career of nurse anesthesia,” said Dr. Glow. “I am very fortunate to be part of a wonderful team who feels the same way. We take the tagline ‘Prepare to be the best’ literally. We are proud that our students have great character and integrity, so I am very humbled to have received this honor.”

Colleagues and students submitted the following comments about Dr. Glow:

  • Dr. Glow is an extremely good teacher. She teaches with first-hand experience. She holds her students to a high standard, and this standard has pushed me to excel in classes.
  • Dr. Glow is always willing to help her students. If she needs to put in extra time to effectively teach a concept, she will. She also makes sure that we don't move on until everyone understands. She has consistently been an excellent role model, teacher and advocate for her students and definitely deserves the Excellence in Teaching Award.
  • Dr. Glow encourages her students to strive to do our best. Because of her passion for the profession, it creates a desire in me to do my best and learn all that I can to live up to how she portrays herself and the profession. We have been given the assignment to teach one another different aspects of anesthesia, and because of Dr. Glow’s passion, it makes me want to create the very best presentation for my classmates, as Dr. Glow wants all her students to perform to the best of their ability.