Students and Alumni Make Connections During Career Fair for Health Professions

The Career Fair for Health Professions continues to be one of the most popular events for Clarkson College students and alumni who are searching for employment opportunities. This year, the eighth annual event was held March 21 in Howard Hall and included more than 40 employers as well as 110 attendees.

When organizing the event, Director of Academic Success Dr. Julie Taylor-Costello focused on attendees and optimizing their time at the Career Fair for Health Professions. She notes that everyone, whether they are students who are still enrolled in their program or graduates and alumni who are looking for a career change, can benefit from the event. “This is an opportunity for attendees to explore opportunities within organizations that they may not have even considered,” she said. “Students and alumni can also make one-on-one connections with employers and explore part- or full-time as well as volunteer opportunities within organizations.”

Dr. Taylor-Costello makes it a priority to invite a wide range of employers who represent every program that Clarkson College offers. This guarantees that Nursing, Physical Therapist Assistant, Radiography, Community Health and Health Care Business students have the opportunity to connect with employers in their field. The exhibitors also offer a wide variety of positions so that both undergraduate and graduate students can explore career opportunities that fit their educational experience.

To help students get the most out of the event, the Clarkson College Success Center hosted several career preparation programs throughout the year to help attendees with their resumes and job search. “The overall goal of these sessions is to help students prepare and stand out in front of other candidates,” said Dr. Taylor-Costello. “Employers attend several career fairs each year, and we want our students to stand out above the crowd.”

The Career Fair for Health Professions is held each spring on campus. If you would like to participate in this event, contact Dr. Taylor-Costello at or 402.552.2693.