Faculty Members Earn Excellence in Teaching Awards

The Clarkson College Faculty Senate presents the Excellence in Teaching Faculty Awards each fall and spring semester to faculty members who demonstrate a commitment to the institution and its students. At the Faculty Senate Meeting held Jan. 24, the committee awarded Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) Instructor Jessica Niemann, PTA, B.S. and General Education Assistant Professor Jeri List as the fall 2018 recipients.

Students and faculty members may nominate individuals for the award who exemplify the Clarkson College Values of Caring, Excellence, Integrity, Commitment and Learning and demonstrate a desire to continue the Mission of the College. Recipients must exhibit the ability to:

  • Encourage contact between students and faculty
  • Develop collaboration and cooperation among students
  • Encourage active learning
  • Provide prompt feedback
  • Communicate high expectations and serve as a role model
  • Emphasize timeliness for academic and professional success
  • Respect diverse talents and learning styles

Jessica Niemann joined Clarkson College as a faculty member in July 2015, and she has taught a variety of subjects within the PTA program during her time at the College. She currently teaches students in pathophysiology, clinical internships and therapeutic exercises, and leads Professional Leadership seminars as well as Clinical Leadership and Practice Integration courses.

“I am very honored and humbled to be the recipient of the fall 2018 Excellence in Teaching Award as I have witnessed many well-deserving faculty members receive this award during my time at the College,” said Niemann. “I am very fortunate to work with supportive, dedicated faculty whom I learn from every day.”

In their nomination forms, students recognized Niemann for her teaching style and willingness to assist her students in any way she can. “The student’s comments in the nomination form were very heartwarming and reminded me how fortunate I am to work with students who are caring, compassionate and committed to learning,” she said. “They put forth incredible effort in their journey to becoming PTAs, and I am honored to support them in their learning along the way.”

Jeri List became a faculty member in the General Education department at Clarkson College in December 2010. During her time at the College, she has taught labs in chemistry, Community Health fieldwork and Capstone courses, and her current teaching load includes lectures, labs and recitations in human physiology.

List considers her recognition by a student to be both humbling and inspiring. “It truly is an honor to be recognized by a student and receive this Apple Award,” said List. “I am fortunate to work at an excellent institution with students who continually have a desire to learn and excel. This makes my job as their instructor enjoyable and rewarding.”