Clarkson College Reaches Middle School Students in Tennessee

As the College continues to grow and expand, more people are learning about the institution’s dedication to educating compassionate health care providers. Now, the message is reaching middle school students in Tennessee thanks to Clarkson College alumna Joyce Crites. She is a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) graduate and a school nurse who is spreading the College Values to the next generation of students.

Prior to attending Clarkson College, Crites earned a Bachelor's degree in Communications from Bellevue University. Soon after, she decided that nursing was her true calling and began researching schools in Omaha with BSN programs. She knew she wanted a smaller, personalized campus environment, which made Clarkson College the perfect fit. Less than two years after she enrolled, Crites earned her degree.

“I chose nursing because I have always loved medicine and helping people,” she said. “In school, I excelled in science- based classes, and I knew from a very young age that health care was the direction I wanted to take.”

The versatility of the nursing profession enables Crites to work in many different fields. She has worked in critical care, emergency rooms, home health, administration and additional specialties throughout her 20-year career. Currently, she is a full-time nurse at Westwood Middle School in Manchester, Tenn.

“Of all the jobs I have had, this is the most rewarding,” she said. “I serve a student population of more than 400, and I absolutely love coming to work.”

To help students learn about educational opportunities, Westwood Middle School faculty members display banners from their alma maters in the hallways. Alongside her colleagues, Crites exhibited a Clarkson College pennant to honor the institution. “Displaying the banners highlights the many different places we’ve earned our degrees and shows students that our educations are widespread,” she said. “It demonstrates the vast opportunities and resources that are available to students when pursuing their education.”

Crites hopes that displaying the pennants will encourage students to explore the many options they have in pursuing a collegiate education. She understands that the right school can help students find their passion and make lifelong connections—just like the ones she made at Clarkson College.

“I have so many fond memories of my time at Clarkson College, and most of them involve the students I met in my classes and clinical settings,” she said. “We developed a strong bond during the time we spent together, and we relied on each other for support and motivation. My time at the College was incredibly rewarding, and I am glad that I chose to attend and further my education.”