2017 Dr. Pat Perry Academic Scholarly Project Recipients Announced

The Dr. Patricia Book Perry Academic Scholarly Project Award honors faculty who make a substantial contribution to education at Clarkson College. The award involves the development and completion of a scholarly project that benefits academic programs, students and the College.

This year’s recipients are Nancy McMahon and Patricia Weber—along with their colleagues Rebecca Allen, Joan Blum, Sarah Flanagan and Dr. Siti Arshad-Snyder—for their interprofessional education online module development project. Jennifer Memolo also received the award for the development and completion of her textbook, “Procedures and Patient Care for the Physical Therapy Assistant.”

The team behind the online module development project set forth to create a program that focused on interprofessional communication and its importance for students and faculty.

“Research tells us that when students learn to communicate with different disciplines in the classroom, they have an advantage when practicing in the real world,” Associate Nursing Professor Nancy McMahon said.

The team’s first year goal is for all undergraduate, graduate and post- graduate students to utilize the module. The online module will facilitate open discussions and communication between students from different disciplines and education levels.

Award recipient and Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) Instructor Jennifer Memolo has a Master’s degree in English and is writing a textbook focused on the basic skills for PTA students.

“There are a lot of different fields that PTA students can choose,” Memolo said. “They can work in a hospital, in an outpatient capacity or at a school, but these are skills that every PTA needs to know—no matter what area they choose.”

The Dr. Patricia Book Perry Academic Scholarly Project Award honors Dr. Patricia Book Perry, the first President of Clarkson College. This award celebrates her commitment to providing high quality education. “The award shows the confidence that Clarkson College has in its faculty,” Memolo said. “It is an honor to be recognized for taking a risk and going above and beyond our duties.”

Eligible applicants must be a full- or part-time faculty member currently teaching in a Clarkson College academic or professional development program for a minimum of three years. Along with their proposal outline and application, applicants must provide measurable objectives, benefits to the College, academic program or students, and an estimated time required to complete the project.