College Committee Takes Active Approach to Healthy Lifestyles

Each year, the Clarkson College strategic plan includes goals and critical success factors (CSFs) to improve the organization’s future. A CSF implemented in 2011 focused on a College-wide employee wellness program that encouraged participation in health conscious events and activities on campus. The initiative also included benefit offerings that contribute to healthy lifestyles. With the support of the College community, the Wellness Committee was formed.

The Committee is led by Human Resources and consists of a cross-section of faculty, staff and management team members. The group meets annually to review employee health screening data with SimplyWell, a health and wellness partner of Clarkson College. The collected information forms the groundwork for the next year of healthy, active events.

Each activity is reviewed for employee interest and applicability to the College. Many of the Wellness Committee events are repeated annually due to positive feedback and strong employee participation. Walk-at-Work Day, Climb the College and the Campus Flu Shot Clinic are a handful of the recurring annual events.

Walk-at-Work Day resembles a national program that encourages people to be physically active. College employees have three opportunities to walk with peers, record their steps and win free participation prizes. The program encourages employees to take part in Walk-at-Work day in April and continue the daily walking challenge throughout May, June and July. This year, 26 employees walked one mile each for a total of 52,000 steps taken on Walk-at- Work Day. The three-month summer challenge recorded 19.4 million steps for a total of 9,700 miles—a feat completed by 21 Clarkson College employees.

Climb the College is a non-competitive stair-climbing event that supports employees’ personal health and wellness goals. The event tests participants’ endurance by challenging employees to climb the main building’s six flights of stairs as many times as physically possible within an hour timeframe. Faculty and staff members who complete a full trek are eligible to attend a post-event health conscious lunch and are entered to win prizes. Last year, nearly 30 employees participated in this annual October event.

The Campus Flu Shot Clinic is a convenient way for the College community to stay vaccinated during the cold and flu season. The free flu shots are administered by nurse managers and faculty members, and the event is open to students, faculty and staff. In 2016, approximately 300 flu shots were given during the two-day event.

Extending healthy lifestyle changes to our students

Wellness on campus does not stop with employees. The Committee also collaborates with student organizations and hosts events that emphasize resiliency, relaxation and a holistic approach to healthy living for students and employees. The Wellness Committee’s dedication to the health and wellness of the College community reflects an understanding that all aspects of personal health impact the ability to focus and achieve success, both in and out of the classroom.

Partnership continues success of wellness initiatives

SimplyWell provides free, annual health screenings for employees based on both self-reported and clinical results. Program participation incentives include reduced medical plan premiums, educational health-related emails and a nurse phone line for employees to discuss critical health issues. The Wellness Committee gathers the annual health screening data and provides a high-level picture of health for the Clarkson College community.