Clarkson College Welcomes 292 New Students

Welcome Week signals the start of a new academic year and transforms the College campus into a bustling, lively space. This fall, Clarkson College welcomed 292 new students during the festivities.

Welcome Week organizers aim to provide a variety of events that each of the 1,218 current students can enjoy. During the events this year, students received a free t-shirt, ate lunch in the Courtyard, enjoyed a live musical performance, attended a cookout, and participated in a career and activities fair.

“Overall, we wanted to create an atmosphere to show off our Clarkson College pride, help students connect with each other and have a little fun,” said Brooke Clements, Coordinator of Student Success. “All of our events had an increased number of students in attendance, and the SGA Community BBQ had an especially good turnout.”

Every year, organizers strive to increase attendance during Welcome Week activities. Starting the Community BBQ earlier in the day and inviting local employers to participate drove students to the event and increased participation.

Seeing students engage during Welcome Week and find their place at Clarkson College is a rewarding experience for many faculty and staff volunteers.

“It’s great to see students we’ve worked with over the last year finally on campus,” said Denise Work, Director of Admissions.

View photos from this year’s Welcome Week events on the Clarkson College Facebook page.