Jina Paul As New Vice President of Operations

Effective Jan. 1, Jina Paul, Clarkson College Marketing Director of seven years, assumed the Vice President of Operations position. Ms. Paul transitioned into this role with more than 12 years of leadership experience. Some of her accomplishments at the College include successfully implementing a rebranding project in 2010, supporting the strategic plan by leading five Critical Success Factor teams and authoring the annual recruitment strategies plan.

Prior to joining Clarkson College, Ms. Paul served as the Vice President of Marketing and Communications within a financial services company where she led the communications and strategic efforts for 127 bank locations across the Midwest. She has international experience and training in customer experience, global perspectives, organizational development and leadership.

After several years of experience in the corporate financial services world, Ms. Paul yearned for a career with a greater purpose. “The family-like atmosphere and Mission and Values of Clarkson College quickly resonated,” she says. “To this day, I remain proud to be a part of this great organization and look forward to the bright future ahead.”

Ms. Paul recently completed her Master’s degree in Leadership and Executive Coaching at Bellevue University. The College Executive Leadership Team is confident her vision, values and experience will garner great growth and success in achieving the organization’s Mission of preparing students to professionally provide high-quality, ethical and compassionate health care services.