Honoring Our President of Nearly a Decade

In recognition of his service as Clarkson College President for the past nine years, more than 100 faculty, staff and Board of Directors members gathered for a reception on campus on July 21 to celebrate Dr. Louis Burgher's transition to President Emeritus, made official on Aug. 1.

As guests filled into Howard Hall for a slideshow presentation featuring photos of Dr. Burgher as a child, student, physician, family man, entrepreneur and Clarkson College President streamed across a projector screen.

To welcome everyone to the celebration, Board of Directors Chair Reverend Thomas J. Hurley delivered a jovial message, praising Dr. Burgher for building a durable foundation for the College and expressing his faith in former Vice President of Operations Dr. Tony Damewood to lead the College into the future as he steps into the presidential role.

Next, the College debuted a professionally produced video featuring several of Dr. Burgher's closest constituents during his term as President. One by one, they expressed their gratitude to Dr. Burgher for entrusting his confidence in them as colleagues and applauded his nobility and professional guidance.

Dr. Damewood thanked guests for attending the celebration and extended his personal gratitude to his mentor, Dr. Burgher, for being such an exceptional role model to him over the years. He then presented Dr. Burgher with a signed and framed photo of Clarkson College faculty and staff taken during the spring 2015 Employee Pride Day.

Somewhat overcome by the reverential comments made about him by his cohorts, Dr. Burgher very unassumingly expressed his own gratitude for those who have and continue to shape his life's journey. With that, he shared how his "interim" role as College President manifested from being an anticipated three- or four-month-long appointment to a nearly 10-year-long vocation that has brought him a great deal of fulfillment.

In closing, he reassured the College community that, despite his transition to President Emeritus, the best years of Clarkson College are yet to come.

Dr. Louis & Susan Burgher Board Room Unveiling

Two weeks prior to his celebration reception, Dr. Burgher and his wife, Susan ('70), were the honorary guests for the unveiling of the newly-remodeled Clarkson College Board Room, which was named after the Burghers for their many years of service to the College.

In addition to Dr. Burgher serving as Clarkson College President since 2007, Susan is also a proud Clarkson School of Nursing alumna. Individually and together, the Burghers have supported the College Mission for many years through their longstanding relationship with Nebraska Medicine and Clarkson Regional Health Services.

Shortly after Dr. Burgher announced his plans to step down as President last January, Dr. Damewood, presented the idea of remodeling and renaming the Board Room as a tribute to Dr. Burgher for his many years of service to the College. After receiving approval and support from the College Board of Directors, plans for the remodeling project kicked off in late March. The renovation project began in mid-May and took nearly six weeks to complete.

Updates made to the space include new paint; replacement lighting; the addition of a 30-foot-long custom cut conference table; new black leather chairs and black leatherette table pads; charcoal stone coasters; and an acrylic print adhered to the wall that features a photo of Dr. Burgher and one of his most prized quotes, “Always remember, the work you are preparing to do is a scared trust.” The exterior of the Board Room features a dibond-printed image of Dr. and Mrs. Burgher, accompanied by a written description of their many contributions to the College.

According to Facilities Director Chuck MacDonell, the last time any updates were made to the Board Room prior to this project was in 2006 with the addition of new chairs. Thus, the full-scale remodel brings a fresh look and feel, while also paying a special tribute.

“The dedication of the Board Room is a gesture of gratitude to Dr. Burgher for everything he has done for Clarkson College," said Dr. Damewood. “Words simply aren’t enough to convey the lasting impression he will leave on those of us who were fortunate enough to work under his leadership.”

Following the ribbon cutting, guests expressed their thanks to Dr. Burgher and Susan for the continual support they’ve provided the College over the years.

A Final Token of Appreciation

Following his “semi-retirement” reception and Board Room ribbon cutting ceremony, the College had one last surprise honor to present to Dr. Burgher for his unremitting service to Clarkson College prior to, during and now following his role as College President.

The Otto Bauer Humanitarian Service Award was created in 1999 to honor Dr. Otto Bauer, former Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs at the University of Nebraska–Omaha, for his many years of demonstrated leadership and dedication to Clarkson College.

Dr. Bauer’s affiliation with Clarkson College began in 1981 as a consultant. He then became a member of the Board of Directors in 1992 and Chair of the Board of Directors in 1997. His mentorship played a major role in helping the College transition from a diploma-granting nursing school to a fully accredited institution offering associate’s, bachelor’s and master’s degrees and post-master’s certificates.

Established with the idea that only a fixed number of honorees would ever receive the Otto Bauer Humanitarian Service Award, the College felt it was only appropriate to present the final medallion to Dr. Burgher. The timing of the summer 2016 graduation commencement ceremony came just five days after Dr. Burgher’s transition to President Emeritus. In front of the hundreds of students, faculty and guests attending graduation, Dr. Damewood presented his predecessor with the award.

“On Aug. 1, our leader of the last nine years transitioned into his new role of President Emeritus and will also continue to offer his support as a member of the Clarkson College Board of Directors,” shared Dr. Damewood. “I speak on behalf of the entire College when I say we are humbled by his service and truly appreciate his commitment to the College, its traditions and its students."